Helping Small Businesses in Rural Areas of Western South Dakota

The program provides flexible financing at affordable interest rates

Funding Solutions

The West River Revolving Loan Fund is designed to assist small businesses in rural areas of western South Dakota obtain financing that may not otherwise be available. The intent is to create or retain jobs and assist in economic development. The program provides flexible term financing at affordable interest rates.

About Us

The West River Revolving Loan Fund has been providing funding solutions to rural small businesses in Western South Dakota for over 20 years. We partner with private lenders and government programs to offer creative, flexible and favorable loan packages that foster start-ups and small business expansion.

What We Do

WRRLF can provide small business gap financing, or finance construction, working capital, or start-up costs. We help businesses develop strength to be eligible for bank financing and we work in partnership with traditional bank financing to lower overall credit risk. Our rates are competitive, our terms are flexible and our approval requirements take into consideration a new business’s needs.

Our Experience

Local banks in rural areas have historically been tremendous resources to businesses, but they often want a partner to share the risk in new or unfamiliar business underwriting.  WRLF has a long history of supporting traditional financing with partner lending.

Without the assistance of an IRP RLF, not only would these businesses not be able to achieve their starts or expansion, but local banks would not have been able to book their portions of the loans, an important part of a healthy local economy.

Revolving Loan Amount
0% WRRLF can fund up to 75% of a project. Max $250,000
Borrower Equity
0% Min10%

The Process

The process begins with an initial interview. Upon submission of all application materials, staff processes the request. A decision is usually made within a couple weeks.

Revolving Loans

Loans will be underwritten based on historic and projected cash flows with demonstrated ability to repay being the primary consideration. All loans require approval concurrence from USDA.

Meat & Poultry Revolving Loans

Applications are now being accepted for the West River Meat & Poultry Lending Program to support South Dakota’s small and medium-sized meat and poultry processors.

The Meat & Poultry Lending Program (MPLP) offers low-interest loans for the start-up, expansion, or operation of slaughter and value-added meat and poultry processing.

  • Eligible Uses

    Working capital, inventory, equipment, or land & building

  • Eligible Businesses

    New or expanding for-profit businesses in South Dakota

  • Economic Development Criteria

    Some job creation or retention is usually expcted with other economic impacts considered

  • Loan Amount

    WRRLF can fund up to 75% of a project with a maximum of $250,000

  • Borrower Equity

    Minimum of 10%

  • Collateral

    Varies on a case by case basis and can include project collateral or outside collateral

  • Terms

    Loan amortization depends on the asset being financed, real estate is up to 20 years. Interest rates are competitive, usually below current bank rates

  • Fees

    1% of WRRLF loan + $250

  • Service Area

    Western South Dakota

Jobs Created
$ Invested in Western South Dakota

Our Staff

Meet our team of expert business consultants

Fran White

Loan Manager

Jerred Tarrell

Loan Officer

Lois Kirkegaard

Meat & Poultry Loan Officer

Peggy Outka

Loan Servicing Officer

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